Cult Frequency: Louise Gray X Topshop Make-up

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Louise Gray X Topshop Make-up

Louise Gray X Topshop

Launching tomorrow Louise Gray's collaboration with Topshop

With 2 major festivals this weekend i thought i'd do some fun make-up looks inspired by the make-up and clothes 

Look 1. 
This is the most simple look I did. It'd be great if you haven't got long in-between bands or before heading out for the night. I'd just prep the face as normal, only making sure you use a powder finish to create a matte look on the skin and little/no bronzer or blush. If you have it add a primer (or vaseline) on the eyelid to help the shadow stick. 
You can get creative with shapes but I'd say stick to this blue/coral colour combination if you can cause it really pops!

Look 2. 
The second look steps up the colour! Using just eye shadow reverse the colours you use on the inside and outside of the lid. Using green and lilac clashes brilliantly but i would avoid using any other colour on the face to avoid looking a bit crazzzzy!
Again this is really simple to do, if you spend a bit more time really blend the colours into one another and right up the just below the brow bone. 

Look 3.
The last look is the most 'out there' but its my favourite for sure! I used my usual eyebrow brush to apply blue shadow to the brows but a regular shadow brush would do the job. 
Again keep colour to a minimum near the brows but you'd maybe get away with a pink-y lip. 
As for the gold heart, i just used my Barry M gold dust and small brush to create the shape. (i did put some vaseline down first to help it stick). I think i'll put this look to the test again before i go to Bestival in a few weeks! 

Louise gray for Topshop launches 23/08 in selected stores and online


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  2. The bright colours are making me think ... BESTIVAL ;) xx